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Earth Relationship creates messages & media to nurture our beautiful yet messy kinship with the world.

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Our 3 step circular framework deepens your sense of belonging with both the human and more-than-human world based on your unique archetype.

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Use the power of reality TV to see the Earth Relationship Types working together to design solutions for our changing climate.

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My copywriting style blends the trust building of brand building and the ongoing optimization of direct response.

My specialties are crafting brand foundations, creating quiz funnels, and engaging email lists.

Earth Relationship Consultant

Amber Peoples

Pursuing Planetary Dreams...

Growing up on a farm, I always knew that strawberries came from the garden patch and not a box.

And the two story tall hedge of lilacs that protected us from the winter winds provided the best smelling promise of spring.

As life tossed and turned me over the following decades, this foundational relationship continued to shape my life.

Yet as much as I loved it and fought for recycling stations or learned permaculture techniques...

I dare say that I took my connection to the Earth for granted -- not even thinking to acknowledge my kinship until 5 years ago.

That's when I made the choice to focus my skills and talents around a central question.

Wanna know how it turned out?


The sovereignty, well-being, cultures, and languages of Indigenous peoples are borne of their homelands and that makes these lands and waters precious to Native communities. All of us have the responsibility to treat them with the respect and care they deserve and to steward them carefully for the next generations. We need to do more. Please do your part. Thank you.

Amber Peoples

An Earth Relationship Consultant who nurtures our beautiful yet messy relationship with the planet, self, and others.

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